115mm Flange Immersion Heater for Boiler Tank 115mm Flange Immersion Heater for Boiler Tank 115mm Flange Immersion Heater for Boiler Tank 115mm Flange Immersion Heater for Boiler Tank
Name:115mm Flange Immersion Heater for Boiler Tank
Working Temperature Range:RT - 600 ℃
Power Source:Electric
Heating medium:Air,Water,Oil,Other liquid etc
Wattage tolerance:±3 percent
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Voltage:12V- 600V Customized
Tube Diameter:10mm to 30mm and More
Tube Length:Customized
Insulation Materials:99 percent Purity Mgo Powder
Sheath Material:Copper/SUS304/AISI321/316L/310S/Incoloy800/Titanium
Diameter tolerance:±0.05mm
Terminal option:Anti-explosion box or Thermostat Customized
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    ● Immersion heaters are commonly used to heat water, oil, corrosive liquids, salt solutions and other media, directly contacting the heating medium to achieve heat transfer, which allows the heated liquid to quickly reach the required temperature. With high heating efficiency, easy replacement and maintenance, immersion heaters are an excellent liquid heating solution. 

    ● Immersion heater can also be widely used in water tank containers, processing equipment, closed storage tanks, energy chemical processes and other scenarios. With built-in temperature sensor, the heater can be built-in sensor and thermostat to achieve temperature monitoring and overheating protection.

    ● Honleader offers flanged, threaded and side immersion heaters, as well as corrosive fluid heaters solution. The product output power is large, and can be built-in temperature sensor,Junction box can be designed according to user requirements for waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof and other types.



    Sheath material:Copper/SUS304/AISI321/316L/310S/Incoloy800/Titanium
    Thread size:G/NPT/BSPP Thread Availab
    Flange size:DN80/DN100/DN150/DN200/DN250 and More
    Terminal cover:Stainless steel/Nylon/Plastic Customized
    Wattage density:(High/Middle/Low)1~25w/cm² Customized
    Tube diameter:8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,20mm and More









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