Injection Molding Machine Pellet Heater Injection Molding Machine Pellet Heater Injection Molding Machine Pellet Heater Injection Molding Machine Pellet Heater
Name:Injection Molding Machine Pellet Heater
Working Temperature Range:RT - 800 ℃
Power Source:Electric
Heating medium:Air,Gas
Wattage tolerance:±3
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Voltage:110V/220V/380V / Customized
Tube Diameter:6mm to 30mm or Customized
Tube Length:10mm to 6000mm or Customized
Insulation Materials:99 Purity Mgo Powder
Sheath Material:Seamless SUS304,316L,310S,Incoloy800,840,Copper,Titanium or Customizable
Diameter tolerance:+0.05mm -0.05mm
Terminal option:Anti-explosion box or Thermostat
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    Immersion Type Heaters are designed for heating or temperature maintening of liquids, gas or mixture in static or circulation conditions.

    The design is based on customer process conditions: fluid to heat (type and properties), in/out temperature, pressure, heat exchange conditions (stagnant or flowing), and environment conditions (ATEX or not, onshore or offshore, etc.).

    Flange immersion heaters can be straight or L-shaped.

    immersion flange heater with temperature control are  directly through a threaded opening in a tank wall or through a matching pipe coupling or half coupling.

    Sizes of screw plug heaters are available with 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2" pipe threads.

    A wide selection of screw plug sizes, kilowatt ratings, voltages, sheath materials, terminal enclosures and thermostats makes these compact heaters ideal for all types of applications.







    ● Hot water storage tanks                                    ● Warming equipment

    ● Oil Preheating                                                     ● Food processing equipment

    ● Cleaning and Rinsing Tanks                               ● Heat transfer systems

    ● Process air equipment                                        ● Boiler equipment

    ● Antifreeze protection for any fluid ......


    1.Low MOQ: 1-5 pcs MOQ based on heater type and sizes

    2.OEM Accepted : Strong capacity in develop and production under customer drawings

    3.Best Service : Instant response, great patience and full consideration 

    4.Best Quality : ISO;CE; Rohs certification With 6S quality control system 

    5.Fast Delivery: We enjoy great discount from shipping forwarders




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