Cartridge Heater Cartridge Heater Cartridge Heater Cartridge Heater
Name:Cartridge Heater
Tube diameter:From 2.0mm to 30mm
Sheath Material:Seamless SS304/316/321/ Incoloy800/840 alloy, etc.
Insulation resistance (cold)::≥ 500 MΩ
Diameter tolerance:-0.02mm
Max operating temp:870ºC(1600F)
Diameter tolerance:+0.05mm -0.1mm (+.002
Dimension(LWH):Cutomers Request
Thermocouple Location:type J or K are available
Thermocouple Location:Disc End, Sheath, Center of Heater
Wattage Tolerance:±3
Length tolerance:± 2 or 3.2mm (1/8”)
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    ● Electric heater cartridge is a piece of equipment, made of MgO powder or MgO tube, ceramic cap, resistance wire(NiCr2080),High temperature leads, seamless stainless steel sheath(304,321,316,800,840) 

    ● Usually in tube form,that is used in heating applications by way of insertion into metal blocks via a series of drilled holes. 

    Cartridge heaters are manufactured in two basic forms - High powerdensity and Low and medium power density. 

    ● High power density (heating surface power 10~25w/cm²), are widely used to heat Plastic injection moulds, Moulds, Platens and so on

    ● Low and medium power density (heating surface power5~11w/cm²), are more suitable for packing machinery, heat sealing, labelling machines and hot stamping applications. 

    ●◆ The high-quality stainless steel sheath provides long-lasting protection, even in the harshest industrial environments. Its max power density can reach up to 40w/cm², and its maximum operating temperature can reach 800℃

     Various Cartridge Heater Cartridge Heater Available







    ● Injection moulding - Internal heating of nozzles ● Hot runner systems - Heating of manifolds ● Packaging industry - Heating of cutting bars,Heating of hot stamps,etc. ● Laboratories - Heating of analytical equipment,etc. ● Medical: Dialysis, Sterilization, Blood Analyzer, Nebulizer, Blood/Fluid Warmer,etc. ● Telecommunications: Deicing, Enclosure Heater,etc. ● Transportation: Oil/Block Heater, Aircraft Coffee Pot Heaters,etc. ● Food Service: Steamers, Dish Washers,etc. ● Industrial: Packaging Equipment, Hole Punches, Hot Stamp,etc. ● Extrusion molds ● Rubber molds ● Melt blown molds ● Hot press molding machiner ● Paper Industry ● Semi conductor industry ● Seal Bars   ......

    When you order, please specify:



    1.Diameter of electric heating tube A

    2.Total length of electric heating pipe B

    3.Lead length C and Lead material (Default 250mm)

    4.Fixing method (None, Flange, Thread) and accessory position D

    5.Working voltage and Phase line

    6.Working power

    7.Heating medium

    8.Operating temperature

    9.Mounting hole diameter, depth, accuracy.





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